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11 years! I can not believe that it has been 11 years since our “trip to Holland\” was born. As matter of fact in just a few days it will be the anniversary of exposure to 22q! Catherine Claire was 8 months old going in for her heart surgery (Tetralogy of fallet) and when the surgeon came out we learned of a “missing thymus” and genetic testing and within 2 days we received the news about her new diagnosis. There really was no time for shock as I read all I could find on 22q…it was time to gather resources and go to work! We immediately started with every therapy a day would allow! We did speech, OT, aquatic, physical and hippo therapies 5 days a week for years! All the while we were in and our (mainly in) the hospital for respiratory virus\’s…1 after another. We easily spent the first 4 years of her life that way. Fast forward 7 years…she is in 5th grade at a private school for children with learning differences, dances with Atlanta Ballet 2 times a week and an avid golfer! Thankfully today we are physically healthy. Our challenges lay in the executive functioning and social/emotional development. We are so thankful for the Dempster Foundation! We prayed for you (or someone like you) long before your little “trip to Holland” arrived!!!

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