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Bryce was born Sept. 2, 2005 in Rome, Ga which is about an hour away from Atlanta. I had an uneventful pregnancy and delivery. We were actually getting ready to leave the hospital when a nurse noticed that his oxygen saturations were different in his arms and legs. Being a pediatric nurse I knew immediatley something was wrong with his heart. I was devastated, I knew what was ahead of us before we even received the echo results. Bryce underwent open heart surgery three days later at Egleston and we were delivered the news that he had 22q deletion. I cant even remember now if I slept when he was in the hospital. I even refused to leave the floor to eat until Bryce was out of the CICU. I spent a lot of time crying, angry, and praying. Almost five years later I look back and think I am so BLESSED! I can not imagine life without this little person. He has brought so much to our family. We may spend a lot of time at doctor appointments and face some challenges but he is worth every moment!

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