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Aubree was sent down from heaven on June 18, 2008! When I would hold her I’d notice her little hands and feet were SO cold all the time. They took her to the NICU and the next thing I knew I had a Pediatric Cardiologist in my room trying to explain what he knew at this point; 48 hours after Aubree was born, she was flown to Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Our world was NEVER going to be the same. While down in Ann Arbor, her doctor noticed her facial features were like those who have DiGeorge Syndrome and wanted to test for it. I remember asking them, you mean Down Syndrome? They said no, DiGeorge; we had never heard of DiGeorge before now. The results came back and were positive for 22q. We soaked up everything and anything we could on this syndrome. Before Aubree was a year old she had went through four heart surgeries and, after her fourth, she had a stroke. Her entire left side hung like dead weight and she lost the ability to speak. Prior to her fourth surgery she was starting to say Daddy and Mamma, you know the first words you can’t wait to hear your child say. Two long years later, just a few weeks ago, we heard Aubree’s precious voice once again as she said “MAMMA.” Oh the tears that fell and the thankfulness to God that we expressed right then and there for yet another answered prayer on this journey. Aubree will be starting preschool in a few weeks and we can’t hardly believe it. Seems like just yesterday we were making the hospital and Ronald McDonald house our home for a while and now here we are starting preschool. We have no doubt Aubree will do great in preschool, she’s such a social butterfly and it will help catch her up in some areas where she is still a bit delayed. I, on the other hand, know I will completely fall to pieces as she gets on the bus for the first day or so. Aubree loves animals, music, her sandbox and swing! Other areas Aubree has problems in are, endocrinology and immunology. She does have another heart surgery down the road but we don’t know when exactly. All just depends on her body and how soon she’ll outgrow the conduit she has now. Her heart defects are TOF, Pulmonary Atresia, large VSD, MAPCAS, interrupted arch. Thanks for reading our story and if you’d like to follow us along, Aubree does have a carepage too. — set up an account then search or visit AubreeAnne. That should take you to her page. Thanks so much for allowing us to share our story with you. Laurie, Mike and Aubree.

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