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Anthony was born on June 29th, 2007 full term. We had found out on our 20 week ultrasound that Anthony had a heart defect which then prompted our amazing OB to order a more in depth study on my amniocentesis. Results of that showed the 22Q deletion. Heartbroken but determined we chose to continue with the pregnancy feeling that God was bringing this child to us for a reason. We feel grateful that we were prepared (as much as one can be) when he came into this world but nothing ca n prepare you for the what comes after. Since DiGeorge is so different in how it affects each child knowing exactly the extent of what could happen is impossible. We are thankful every day that we have him in our lives and know that there are so many others who aren’t as fortunate. Anthony has had 3 open heart surgeries (all within 4 months of life) and most likely will need another this fall as his graft pressures continue to rise. Developmentally he is keeping up with other kids, he has issues with his speech which we noticed early on and started him with a speech therapist and we have already noticed improvement, he has VU Reflux (which was just diagnosed yesterday) we will know more in August when he sees his nephrologist and his immunities are on the high end of the low range. He gets sick more often than most kids in daycare but he always manages to kick it pretty quickly. We know the road ahead will most certainly be at times bumpy but the lessons he has taught us already in his young life outweigh all the worry and heartache we will have to endure. I am so thankful for web sites like this one – when we were researching this initially there was so little information out there and what was, seemed to be so scary and negative.

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