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Andrew was born in July, 2003. The doctors rushed him to a local childrens hospital, where he had open heart surgery seven days later. The surgeon repaired his heart defect called truncis arterious. Later that night Andrew had to be rushed back to the O.R. due to complications after surgery. Andrew was diagnosed with 22q before he was a week old. Andrew had a second operation right before his 8th birthday with no complications this time around. Andrew loves school, video games, movies and picking on his big sister and little brother Caleb.

Caleb was born in October, 2007. Prior to his birth, he was diagnosed with 22q and a hole in his heart. At six weeks old Caleb became sick with a respitory infection and spent sometime in the hospital; he was hospitalized several times for respitory infections his first year. Caleb had his heart defect repaired at four months old. He is a lively little guy who likes cars, movies (especially the Cars movies), his big sister and his big brother. He tries to be as big as they are and wants to do everything they do. The boys get services through the school now and are doing well in everything they do.

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