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Our son Andrew has Digeorge syndrome/22q deletion. He is so strong and tough. He is 8 yrs old and going into the 3rd grade. He makes A-B honor roll every year and plays football. Andrew has undergone surgeries since birth for many different anomalies such as; cleft palate x2, narrowed airway, webbed vocal cords x2 (again on August 12, 2010), tubes and malrotated intestines. He also has low muscle tone, and bee and fire ant allergies. Andrew get’s all of his treatment from “The Children’s Hospital” in Birmingham.  ”He is so much more of a man already than me” says his father. He has been inspiration for so many including us, his family. Andrew has inspired his teachers at school such as his speech, special ed, and room teacher. They can not get over how well he does. Andrew has a little brother Ethan, 5 years old who plays baseball. Andrew is all that, a trooper and more. We love him more than life!!

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