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Hello, I am 58 years old and was just diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome in January of this year. As a kid I had a few problems that were dealt with but all on there own. For instance, I went to a speech therapist for many years. I've had a learning disability (especially with Math) that I could never understand. Going to undergraduate courses in school I would have extra help with a tutor and just passed the Math. They just discovered my heart failure a few years ago but up till then it never really caused a problem except for fainting every once in awhile. I also have an underactive thyroid. I also have small hands and feet for my height which is 5'6". I've learned to compensate for all these problems and live a full life regardless of my health problems. Sure I have my bad days but the good outweigh the bad. I'd be interested in any adult groups that are available for support. Thanks.

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