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Amberly was born at 36 weeks via emergency c-section weighing 6 lbs. 1 oz. She was very blue and her doctor could hear a murmur. She was refered to Children’s Mercy cardiology where we found out she had TOF and she was sent for testing for DiGeorge Syndrome. The test came back negative so of course I was relieved. After her open heart surgery to repair the TOF, I thought everything would go as normal. I started noticing she wasn’t reaching milestones and I asked her cardiologist about it and he said she still has it even though she doesn’t have the chromosome abnormality. I’m still a little confused about this and haven’t been able to find anything on it but I signed her up for Missouri First Steps — an early intervention program. She’s now 19 months old and is a very happy little girl even though she does tend to get sick quite often. She is currently learning how to walk. 

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