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Here are some helpful resources for families with children who are feeding tube-dependent. These recommendations come from families of children with feeding tubes in hopes this process can be easier for you with the right resources and supplies on hand.  If you have an item that's not on our list that you would like to see added, please email: Lindsey@22qfamilyfoundation.org.  

Feeding Supplies:
1. 60" syringes for Bolus Feeds. Purchase Here.

2. Picky Eater Segmented Plate.  Purchase Here.

3. Reusable Food Storage, Squeezy Gear. Purchase Here.

4. Knowledge Website: Feeding Matters- View Here.

5. Weaning Support Group: Growing Independent Eaters-Join Group Here.


Adaptive Clothing: C.C. Moo offers stylish and adaptive clothing, changing the quality of children's lives one ZIP at a time.  

Kate Farms 2021 Tubie Gift Guide: HERE

Blenderized Diet Resources:

1. Blenderized Diet Handbook by Marsha Dunn Klein. Shop for it on Amazon HERE.

2. Nourish-Blenderized Diet Shelf-Stable Formula. Purchase HERE.

3. Real Food Blends-Blenderized Diet Formula. Purchase HERE.

4. Kate Farms-Blenderized Complete Plant-Based Formula. Purchase HERE or at many vitamin stores or some Whole Foods or specialty stores. 

5. 16 oz Ball Plastic Freezer Containers-to store blended diet in. Purchase HERE.

6. Online Support Group: Blenderized RN: Join group HERE.

7. Natural Tube Feeding: Great resource for getting started (Course, Resources, Recipes, and more) HERE And check-out this informational video HERE.


Foundations That Support Feeding Tubes:

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation


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