Reebok Ragnar Chicago - Annual 22q Family Meet-Up and Fundraiser

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May 18, 2018 (All day) to May 19, 2018 (All day)
Chicago, IL to Madison, WI

#WeRun22q is a team of runners dedicated to raising awareness for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.  They are dedicated also to raising funds for our foundation and keeping our educational programs free of charge to families.  Last year, they ran through the beautiful state of Tennessee and raised $11,000.  The 22q Family Foundation was able to provide $4,000 in awarded scholarships, help over 50 new families with educational support through our Education Station program, and continue to connect families on a local level.

This year, our #werun22q runners will be running the Ragnar Chicago (from Chicago to Madison, WI) to raise awareness and money for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and The 22q Family Foundation.  We will be hosting a family meetup event in Madison for 22q families from near and far (scroll down for details).

On May 18-19, Katie Chiet, Jen Stevens, Eric Ziegelbauer, John Serban, Kate Wagner, Tari and Ruben Rangel, Tiffany Demayo, Lena Hart, Ashley Bourg, Garrett Miller, and Laura Botelho will be running 196 miles for 196 people with 22q!

For a $100 gift to our foundation, your loved one's name and photo will be carried during our run and acknowledged during his/her honored mile. (This donation is cumulative, so if $100 is too much for you right now, ask 10 friends to give $10!) We can help you raise the funds!  Be sure to click "become a fundraiser" and you'll get your own personalized link to share with friends and family.  For $125, you'll get a commemorative t-shirt with your donation!  You'll have your choice of 1 of 2 We Run 22q Ragnar Shirts: We Run 22q Madison or We Run 22q Chicago.  All participants will also be entered to win a signed Ryan Dempster "22q" Cubs jersey.  

Want to run this year?  While our team for Ragnar is full, this year we invite YOU to participate in our journey -  run in our virtual run!  Commit to run, walk, or jog 2.2 miles (for 22q!) from any location you choose!  You can run on a treadmill, the road, a trail, at the gym, on a track, or even at another race!  You can run with whoember you want-friends and family-or you can run alone.  The point is that you get to RUN YOUR OWN RACE at YOUR OWN PACE and time it yourself.  Then post on social media and use the hashtag #WeAllRun22q and watch our community band together! 

You can use the run as your own personal fundraiser to earn your mile for a loved one or yourself as well.  Tell your friends and family you are raising money and awareness for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and The 22q Family Foundation and ask them to sponsor you! In no time, you'll raise the $100 or $125.  or just run for your own personal enjoyment  on social media to share in the fun!  We'll post more details about the virtual run in the next few weeks!

To give your gift text 22q to 71777 on your phone or click here to sign up to have your son/daughter honored with a mile:

FAMILY MEET UP: Saturday May 19 at 2pm/ 6pm: Calling all Chicago/Madison/MILWAUKEE and surrounding area families to come join us at the finish line!  We will be gathering in Olin Park located in Madison, WI to watch our #WeRun22q Team cross the finish line.  We will bring refreshments and giveaways.  Can't make it to the finish line, but want to join for our family friend dinner meet up?  After the race is completed, we will head over to The Union located on The University of Wisconsin for a casual outdoor dinner and ice cream.  Please RSVP so we can get an estimate of how many families will be joining us.  See details here and purchase a "free" ticket:

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