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Comfort for Kids brings smiles and comfort to children diagnosed with 22q 11.2 Deletion Syndrome that are undergoing surgery requiring an overnight hospital stay of more than one night.

Comfort for Kids is a labor of love for mother Amy Hercules who was inspired by her daughter, Kirsten, diagnosed with 22q Deletion Syndrome in November 2011.  Kirsten has endured myriad of health issues and numerous surgeries since birth.  During her most recent surgery, she received care packages from friends.  These care packages made her surgery experience something positive and Kirsten wanted to do the same for other kids with 22q.  Together mother and daughter launched Comfort for Kids in April of 2012.

If your child has been diagnosed with 22q Deletion Syndrome and will be undergoing a surgical procedure which will require an overnight hospital stay contact

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Package Recipient Qualifications:

  1. Diagnosed with 22q 11.2 deletion syndrome
  2. Birth-18 years old
  3. Having a surgical procedure in a hospital which requires an overnight hospital stay of more than one night.



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