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Education is extremely important to our foundation.  Not just in educating the world about 22q, but also in doing everything in our power to help 22q students on their educational journey.  We've seen first hand some of the struggles our students face on a daily basis, and appreciate the incredible effort and hard work each of them put in.  As a foundation, we want to encourage and support young adults with 22q who are dedicated to furthering their education.  With that in mind, we are extremely excited to offer The Riley Dempster 22q Family Foundation Scholarship.  The scholarship was named after Riley, as a way to honor her as the inspiration for the former Dempster Family Foundation, and as a way to continue the legacy created by her father, Ryan Dempster.  We are offering this scholarship to provide financial support to three individuals who are continuing their educational/career growth while serving as inspirations to the 22q community!

Scholarship Awards:

1st Place: $2500

2nd Place: $1000

3rd Place: $500  


Entry Rules (ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY June 30th, 2018):

-Completion of scholarship application form (FILL OUT HERE).

-Send one of the following choices below to using the same email used for the application. 

An essay (750 words or less) or video (5 minutes or less) describing your journey with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, the impact it has had on your life, and a positive impact you've made on someone/in your community/for the world.

Eligibility Requirements:

-Award is specifically for students diagnosed with 22q11.2 related syndrome.  Any undiagnosed individuals will not be considered for the award (Proof of diagnosis may be required prior to awarding of funds).

-Must be enrolling or enrolled at a 2 or 4 year college/university/online school based in the United States that has completed & received accreditation from an agency recognized by the US Department of Education.  These institutions can be found at or  Additionally, individual can be enrolling or enrolled in transitional or special needs institutions/programs, training/apprenticeship programs, technical, career, vocational, & trade schools, and life skills/adult programs.

-Program can be either traditional associates/bachelors program or special education programs.

-Each entrant is allowed only one submission per year and may only win a scholarship award once.

-Application and essay or video must be completed in order to enter.  Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

-Selection of finalists will take place by the directors of The 22q Family Foundation and presented to Ryan Dempster, who will select the 3 winners.

-Friends and family of the directors will not be considered for the award.

-Award money will be sent directly to the institution to be used towards tuition, books, or housing.

-If you have any questions, please email

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